Chisinau and Bucharest Municipal Councils Sign Cooperation Agreement

The municipal councils of Chisinau and Bucharest signed an agreement on cooperation and on twin cities, as well as on bilateral cooperation.

According to advisers, the agreement provides for the exchange of experience between the departments of the two mayoralties, as well as implementation of joint projects.

Under the agreement, the Chisinau City Hall will develop a new cooperation program for the next years.

Chisinau Mayor Ion Cheban noted that cooperation would begin in the field of culture, in the field of architecture as well as in the field of healthcare and others.

"After signing the agreement, we will hand it over to the foreign ministries, and they, in turn, will hand it over to the city halls. After that, the Bucharest Municipal Council will vote for the project," Ion Cheban said.

Published: 11:52 15/01/2020

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