Igor Dodon: Plahotniuc should be delivered to Moldova from the USA in handcuffs

Vlad Plahotniuc must be handcuffed to the Republic of Moldova from the USA. At the same time, everyone who was involved in crimes on the territory of our country, but left, will be put on the international wanted list. This was announced by the President after a meeting of the Republican Council of the PSRM, to which he was invited as an honored guest.

We have a decision of the Security Council since last year, which recommended that the NAC and all competent authorities apply directly to the three countries where Plahotniuc is supposedly located: the USA, Great Britain and Romania. Requests were sent. Also, the Foreign Ministry, working with Interpol, sent a request for the international search of Plahotniuc in October. There is no specific information yet. But we insist that all persons involved in various frauds be declared internationally wanted by Interpol,” he said.

Published: 20:59 14/01/2020

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