Prime Minister Ion Chicu met with the Ambassador of France to Moldova

Prime Minister of Moldova met with the Ambassador of France Pascal le Deunff and a group of representatives of French companies in the Republic of Moldova. The topic under discussion concerned the development of the introduction of food stamps, MOLDPRES reports with reference to the press service of the government.

Representatives of the French companies expressed concern about the change in the law on taxation of food stamps, which was introduced in August 2019. According to businessmen, the taxation of food stamps prevented achievement of its goals and created tax and administrative obstacles.

The Prime Minister assured investors of the government’s intention to support the business and create a predictable environment. Since the government is unable to cancel the taxation of food stamps, a temporary solution was found to increase the cost of food stamps from 45 lei to 55 lei.

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed to monitor the situation in January-February, and in March a meeting with responsible persons will be organized at which success will be analyzed and prospects for the use of food stamps will be evaluated.

Published: 12:58 03/01/2020

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