Ion Chicu: Moldovan Government continues to count on effective cooperation with the EBRD

Prime Minister Ion Chicu confirmed that his government remained committed to the reform program, which was also a prerequisite for the Republic of Moldova to receive financial assistance from the EU. The statement was made during a meeting with the Deputy Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Octavian Costas.

The Prime Minister thanked for the support provided by the EBRD, including for the successful projects carried out in the Republic of Moldova over the years, and stated that the executive branch continued to count on mutually beneficial cooperation with the EBRD.

The parties exchanged views on topics of common interest. Representative of the bank confirmed that in the future, the EBRD would support our country's efforts to develop the economy of the Republic of Moldova, and assured that the financial institution would finance all projects carried out for this purpose, writes.

Published: 14:52 18/11/2019

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