Igor Dodon: This week Moldova entered a fundamentally new period of development

At the invitation of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon participated in the meeting of its Republican Council.

The Head of State congratulated all those present on receiving very good results in the general local elections on October 20 and November 3. He wished success to all the chairmen of the districts, mayors, municipal, district and local councilors elected from the PSRM lists. At the same time, he stressed that the Republic of Moldova entered a fundamentally new period of development thanks to the approval of the new Government led by Prime Minister Ion Chicu.

I reminded that the citizens of the Republic of Moldova expect positive results from the authorities, and we need to make every effort to improve the situation in the country,” said President Dodon.

The President assured that we had every chance to turn the Republic of Moldova into one large construction site, where large infrastructure projects will be implemented, thanks to which we will ensure economic growth.

I asked the team members not to fall into euphoria, as the assessment of activities will be made on the basis of results, not slogans. I called on each mayor and adviser to immediately begin work to fulfil the tasks,” the Head of State noted.

Published: 20:49 16/11/2019

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