Ion Chicu: The government will pursue a balanced foreign policy

The new Prime Minister Ion Chicu, appointed yesterday by parliament, says the government he leads will pursue a balanced foreign policy. At the same time, the Prime Minister claims that he will fulfill all the obligations undertaken by the Republic of Moldova in relation to external partners, reports.

Of course, the Association Agreement is one of the main documents that we will be guided by in our actions. The government of technocrats has the interests of the Republic of Moldova as priorities and goals, and the interests of the country can be achieved only if we have an honest, sincere dialogue with external partners,” Ion Chicu said on the Moldova in direct air on Moldova 1 Channel.

At the same time, the Prime Minister noted that the government should quickly reorganize the concept of justice reform and the vision of this reform in order to send the project to the Venice Commission again over the next two to three days. “The next meeting of this commission will be held in early December, and if we miss this meeting and don’t have a positive conclusion from the Venice Commission, we will have to wait until spring, when the next meeting is planned. We cannot afford the luxury of delaying this reform for so long,” the new Prime Minister said.

Ion Chicu said that next week the new Minister of Justice, Fadey Nagachevsky, would pay a visit to Brussels, during which he would discuss the possibility of appointing a prosecutor general, and the government will act on the results of this visit.

Published: 11:11 15/11/2019

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