President: The task of Maia Sandu was a protracted crisis in the country!

Ex-Prime Minister of Moldova Maia Sandu and her team tried to prolong the crisis in the country for several months, then to blame the President and organize mass protests. The President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, stated this on air of the program on the NTV Moldova TV channel.

Maia Sandu and her team had a strategy to prolong the crisis in the country for 1-2 months. There were already the first signals that salaries were being delayed. They hoped that people would be unhappy and take them to the streets, and the ex-government would blame the President and the socialists, saying, "they dismissed us." Therefore, it was necessary to move very quickly, and I believe that we did the right thing,” the Head of State noted.

Published: 09:29 15/11/2019

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