President: MPs of the PSRM-ACUM coalition should continue their way together and propose a new Prime Minister!

The Head of the republic considers it vital that the deputies of the current parliamentary majority continue their way together, immediately propose a new Prime Minister, choose a worthy candidate who could be nominated in the coming days. This is stated by the President at a press conference.

I will immediately approve the candidate proposed by the parliamentary majority of PSRM-ACUM, of course, other than the dismissed one, but one who, as the leader of the alliance, can continue to provide political assistance for the reforms implementation and successful functioning of the ruling coalition,” said Igor Dodon.

At the same time, the President said that if deputies from the ACUM bloc refused the dialogue, their desire to push the country to early parliamentary elections during the extremely difficult period for Moldova, on the threshold of winter, would become obvious.

If the pride of some politicians turns out to be higher than desire to maintain stability and avoid a crisis and early elections, then as President I will commit myself and propose concrete actions through which we can overcome this extremely difficult situation. Among other things, I will not offer the Prime Minister from political circles, but a professional with a government team of technocrats who can quickly take the government and begin efficient work,” said the President of Moldova.

Published: 17:18 12/11/2019

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