Igor Dodon: “We are witnessing the pre-prepared self-dissolution of the government!”

The actions of the ACUM bloc and its leader Maia Sandu again caused a political crisis in the Republic of Moldova. According to the President of the country, the Sandu’s government deliberately and in accordance with a pre-prepared scenario forced the MPs to declare a no confidence in the Cabinet of Ministers and dismiss, although in reality what was happening was more a self-dissolution, the government. This is stated in the declaration of the Head of State.

In this situation, we are forced to state that the irresponsibility, personal ambitions and immaturity of some politicians are putting the Republic of Moldova to the toughest tests, while the country more than ever needs an alliance to form a stable government that would work for citizens.

This is not the first time that someone has violated a political agreement under which a public commitment was made and ignored it. Such cases have already happened in recent political history, and each time the consequences were grave.

I want us to correctly and clearly define this moment: in fact, we are present at the self-dissolution of the Government prepared in advance by deliberate, forced and thoughtful provocation of the Government’s dismissal by the former Prime Minister Maia Sandu.

She deliberately provoked the fall of the Cabinet of Ministers and the crisis in the ruling coalition, including in order to divert attention of citizens from the erroneous and ineffective economic and social policies of the past five months. In addition to giving promises, Maia Sandu was unable to present any practical results, and she thereby decided to distract people's attention from this shame in the government
,” the Head of State said.

Published: 17:07 12/11/2019

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