The Head of State held a Meeting with Chisinau Mayor Ion Cheban

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, held his first meeting with the new general mayor of Chisinau, Ion Cheban. The Head of State congratulated Cheban on his election to this important and responsible position, noting that the result obtained in the elections was a great victory, but also a big challenge. The Moldovan leader called on Ion Cheban to become mayor for everyone, as he promised.

I regretted that for many years Chisinau had only politically engaged mayors, which impeded the development of the capital. I asked to exclude political discussions from the activities of the City Hall, so that the team’s efforts were focused on solving existing problems, since a lot of work had accumulated, and the residents of the capital were waiting for the results.

I called on Ion Ceban to consider the possibility of implementing a number of major infrastructure presidential projects, namely: construction of a ring road around Chisinau, rehabilitation of roads in the capital, etc. I am sure that we will find the necessary sources of financing for the implementation of these projects.

In turn, Ion Cheban thanked for the trust and support, confirming that the city hall will no longer be a platform for political debate but will become an effective institution that focus on the implementation of the proposed program
,” said Igor Dodon.

Published: 14:27 12/11/2019

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