Today, the Parliament will consider a vote of no confidence in the government of Maia Sandu

MPs from the faction of the Party of Socialists registered a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet of Ministers in the country's legislative body. The reason was the unconstitutional bill on the government taking responsibility for appointment of the Attorney General and introduction of appropriate amendments to the Law on the Prosecutor's Office.

Despite the fact that the draft proposed by the Prime Minister to the Parliament contradicts both the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova (since the government assumes responsibility for changes in the current legislation only in urgent cases and exclusively in the interests of the state - ed.), and international standards, the Sandu’s government has not abandoned the idea of appointing the Prosecutor General.

We also recall that the Parliament or the President of the Republic of Moldova intends to apply to the Venice Commission on this issue. According to the Head of State, conclusion of the Venice Commission will be made public at its next meeting, scheduled for December 8-9, 2019.

Published: 11:04 12/11/2019

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