The Russian Prosecutor General's Office brought to court the case against Vladimir Plahotniuc

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has filed a criminal case against a criminal syndicate led by the former leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova Vladimir Plahotniuc, reports.

According to investigators, the recent shadow owner of the republic was also the leader of the drug mafia. Under his auspices, huge quantities of illicit substances were imported from Africa to the CIS countries, including Russia.

Recall, Vladimir Plahotniuc was put on the international and interstate wanted list. According to a source, the Moldavian oligarch fled from Moldova to the United States. In addition to drug trafficking, he is also accused in Russia of organizing the so-called “Moldovan scheme”, with the help of which almost 40 billion rubles were illegally withdrawn from the country, and attempted murder of an entrepreneur. In Chisinau, he is considered to be involved in the theft of the century - withdrawal of a billion euros from the country in 2014, which brought down the national currency and undermined the economy of Moldova.

Published: 18:25 11/11/2019

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