Ion Cheban is officially the new mayor of Chisinau

The court approved the results of the second round of elections and the mandate of the new general mayor of Chisinau municipality. Thus, Ion Cheban can begin to perform his duties as mayor.

Immediately after the announcement of the verdict, Cheban noted that he intended to start work as soon as possible, and said that the time elapsed since the second round of elections has been devoted to planning, evaluation, monitoring and important meetings with investors and organizations that would support the mayoralty.

Among the priorities of the new mayor are road repairs, eradication of corruption, solving housing and communal services problems, and for the short term - appointment of vice mayors, preparing the city for the cold season, etc.

Recall, on November 3, Ion Cheban won the second round of elections of the general mayor, gaining 52, 39% of the vote.

Published: 16:47 11/11/2019

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