Igor Dodon convened a working meeting on the Transnistrian issue

President of the Republic of Molov, Igor Dodon, in the context of a recent conversation with the head of the Tiraspol administration Vadim Krasnoselsky convened a working meeting with the advisers Ion Chicu and Elena Gorelova, deputy general secretary of the Presidential Administration Nikolai Posturusu, Vice Prime Minister Vasily Shova and Vice President of the National Bank Ion Sturza.

We discussed the issues raised, including those related to servicing the accounts of Transnistrian economic agents in commercial banks of the Republic of Moldova.

In addition, we considered possible solutions that would remove the concerns of business leaders from the Transnistrian region regarding the development of their relations with commercial banks of the Republic of Moldova.

I emphasized that all issues should be resolved in strict accordance with the current legislation regarding regulation of the activities of commercial banks in Moldova,”
said Igor Dodon.

Published: 12:58 31/10/2019

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