Bogdan Tsyrdea: Local elections have greatly changed political map in the country!

About this political scientist, MP Bogdan Tsyrdea wrote on his page in a social network.

"The PSRM took the 1st place in the district councils, ACUM-2, PDM-3. There are no Shor party except Orhei, really.

Previously, PDM controlled more than 700 city halls out of 900, 30 out of 32 district chairmen. Today it leads only six districts, with a chance to remain in the opposition everywhere.

The PDM ally, Usatii’s Our Party, has a majority only in Balti. But this misunderstanding will not last long.

1) PSRM has the largest faction in parliament. Now it has one more deputy: 36!

2) PSRM also has the largest fraction in the Chisinau city council - 22 out of 51 advisers! Previously, the party had 19 advisers.

3) Instead of two city halls in the suburbs, it got five, including in the native village of M. Ghimpu - Colonitsa!

4) PSRM won 15 district and municipal councils. In fact, it won the local election.

5) The absolute majority (in 51%) in four district councils.

6) PSRM took 11 cities.

7) The candidates from the PSRM passed to the 2nd round in 17 cities, including in the capital.

8) Thus, the PSRM has achieved full or partial success in 28 cities of Moldova.

9) PCRM and Our Party in the capital took 0 seats, as in the 2019 parliamentary elections. This is the collapse and the beginning of the end, even though the NP took four cities. In Chisinau, they know better who is who.

10) The conclusion is the following - the main battle will be in the second round. And if citizens believe that Moldova has a future - Victory is inevitable. And I am convinced that they believe!"

Published: 16:32 21/10/2019

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