Three Israelis detained at the airport of Chisinau

Three Israeli citizens were detained at the airport in the capital for hooligan actions towards border guards. One of them tried to smoke on board an airplane operating the Chisinau-Tel Aviv flight.

Three Israeli citizens, aged 17, 18, and 21, aboard the Chisinau-Tel Aviv flight, displayed aggression towards the border guards. At the request of the aircraft commander, the border guards tried to stop the attempt of one of the detainees to smoke on board.

As a result, criminal prosecution was initiated on the fact of hooliganism. Young people were detained and placed in a temporary detention center of the Police Department of Chisinau. Currently, the circumstances of the incident are being clarified. Violators face a fine in the amount of 750 to 1,350 y. e. or imprisonment of up to five years.

Published: 14:36 06/10/2019

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