Pilots by occasion escaped the crash at the Chisinau airport

A serious incident occurred on September 30 in the Chisinau International Airport during the take-off of a Fly One aircraft.

According to an audio recording published on Facebook by former MoldATSA head Sorin Stati, Airbus 319 flew from Chisinau to Moscow at 18:01, miraculously avoiding a plane crash, noi.md reports.

On the record you can hear one of the pilots accusing the controllers that he had to take off between several vehicles, and asks them if this was “normal”. After a few seconds of silence from the air traffic controllers, who were probably shocked, the pilot again says that at the time of take-off, three cars were driving along the runway.

Before takeoff, the air navigation controller forgot to clear the runway from special vehicles / trucks that cleaned the surface of the runway. This procedure is carried out continuously after a certain number of takeoffs and landings in order to eliminate the danger of certain objects that may be on the runway,” Stati said .

According to him, also due to the fault of the dispatchers, on June 23, an Air Moldova company carrying 140 people on board was very close to a collision with the An-2 plane, which flew out of Vadul lui Voda.

Representatives of MoldATSA and Chisinau Airport have not yet commented on this information.

Published: 17:54 02/10/2019

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