President reacted to incident with young mother beaten by foreign students in Chisinau

The state must ensure the safety of its citizens so that each person feels in his own country in complete safety. This was stated by the Moldovan President Igor Dodon, commenting on an incident in the capital when a group of foreign students attacked our compatriot walking with a small child and beat her in front of her daughter.

The Head of State noted that from time immemorial the Moldovans have been distinguished by their peacefulness, friendliness and hospitable attitude towards foreigners, however, according to Igor Dodon, such qualities of our citizens should not serve as a reason for violent actions by the foreign guests.

I want to believe that such aggressive actions are an isolated case and will not repeat. And, even more, this will not be a reason for the negative attitude of the Moldovan citizens towards foreign students. At the same time, I believe that such gestures should be punished so that everyone understands that the state protects its citizens and does not allow violence against its population, especially, in the presence of the child”, he added .

Summing up, Igor Dodon demanded that both the university management, in which foreign students who attacked a woman and a child study, and the management of the migration services give an immediate assessment of what happened, and also consider the possibility of revoking a residence permit from foreign students, if consideration of this issue provides for such sanctions.

Recall that on September 23 at 3.30 pm on Nicolae Testemitanu Street, a group of Arabic-speaking girls attacked a woman who was crossing the street with her three-year-old daughter.

The police said that it was planned to open a criminal case on hooliganism. The perpetrators face up to three years in prison or up to 240 hours of unpaid work in favor of society.

Published: 12:12 01/10/2019

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