Police detained a French citizen who recruited girls from Moldova for prostitution

A 34-year-old French citizen was detained on suspicion of recruiting girls from the Republic of Moldova for prostitution in France.

The man pleaded guilty and is currently under arrest. As a result of the investigation, it was found that the detainee was for a long time engaged in illegal actions in our country. The suspect made acquaintances and negotiated with victims through social networks. Subsequently, they discussed all the details. The girls were transported to France and placed in the houses where they lived and were engaged in prostitution.

On September 20, the suspect was detained at the Chisinau airport. At the time of his arrest, there were two girls, aged 21 and 29, who were supposed to be sent to France. According to the current legislation, the man is threatened with imprisonment for a period of four to seven years.

Published: 16:45 24/09/2019

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