Zinaida Grechanii: Agreement between PSRM and ACUM is a “road map” for further actions

The autumn-winter session of the parliament began. The Speaker Zinaida Grechanii told in an interview with Accent TV what tasks the current parliamentary majority has set.

The parliament faced a lot of tasks before this fall session. Many were reflected in that document, signed by three political parties, which the parliamentary majority include. It reflects the priorities for the parliament,” Grechanii noted.

The agreement signed between PSRM and ACUM is a kind of road map for the subsequent actions of the government and parliament.

We decided that this should be full political support, that’s why the agreement was signed on September 16 by President Igor Dodon, and me, as the Chair of the Parliament and Prime Minister Maia Sandu. We have a great responsibility - we must ensure stability in the country,” the speaker explained.

Published: 15:55 19/09/2019

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