Igor Dodon: It is vital to stop the mass exodus of the population and return the citizens home

The current government must do everything to stop the demographic catastrophe through which our country passes.

Igor Dodon considers the mass exodus of the population abroad one of the main threats to the existence of our state. He stated this as part of a speech at a parliamentary meeting.

This threat does not come from outside, but from inside our country, due to many years of irresponsibility of the failed government, which directly contributed to the propaganda of this catastrophe and did nothing to stop the exodus of citizens and put an end to dramas of families who were forced to live separately at a distance of hundreds or thousands of kilometers.

The former authorities did nothing to preserve the workforce, intelligence, youth and hope of Moldovans here in the country
,” he said.

All our actions should be aimed at creating such conditions so that citizens no longer leave the country, and those who left - return home. Maintaining integrity of the people is vital. Without this, any governmental long-term project runs the risk of becoming worthless. That is why the responsibility of the current parliament and government is huge, truly historical, and depends only on you,” the President said.

Published: 14:34 16/09/2019

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