The Head of state to opposition deputies: I urge you to actively participate in the reconstruction of the country

As part of his speech in parliament, the Head of State addressed opposition deputies. Igor Dodon noted that he knew many of them and their qualities, and believed that they could constructively support the process of restarting the state.

The President expressed confidence that many PDM deputies now feel free, and urged them to use this to work for people and support projects developed in the interests of citizens in parliament.

I invite you to actively participate in the reconstruction of the country. Perhaps you are experiencing negative emotions towards me, my PSRM colleagues, or the ACUM block, but time will show what was good, including for you, from what we did. Perhaps in order to do this you need to be sincere with yourself, look at reality as it is, and not as it was imposed on you, change sacrifice to a constructive approach, including with effective criticism when the authorities make mistakes. As President, I will appreciate this approach and will take it into account whenever it leads to an improvement in the situation,” Igor Dodon said.

Published: 14:29 16/09/2019

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