BREAKING NEWS! Government annulled a number of concession agreements

According to the decision taken at the urgent meeting of the Supreme Security Council on the situation around the Chisinau airport, the Government of the Republic of Moldova annulled a number of concession agreements for the Chisinau international airport.

In particular, it refers to the following decisions:

- Agreement on initiating a public-private partnership project for concession of Chisinau International Airport,

- Decision on approval of concession of Chisinau Airport assets and conditions of the concession itself.

- Decision to approve a report on the results of a closed tender for selection of a concessionaire for Chisinau International Airport.

- Decision on confirmation of approval of concession of assets of Chisinau International Airport.

Recall, the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, called on the law enforcement agencies and responsible departments to conduct a thorough review of documentation and legality of this transaction, as well as to do everything possible to return the airport to public administration.

Published: 16:03 04/09/2019

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