Drugs sellers group detained in Moldova

The officers of the Drug Enforcement Administration of the National Inspectorate of Investigation, together with the Prosecutor's Office of the Chisinau municipality, documented and neutralized illegal activities of a criminal gang selling marijuana.

Three people aged 20 to 57 years living in Chisinau municipality and in Floresti district were detained. Each member of the group performed a specific role. They cultivated and processed cannabis, dosed drugs and sold to consumers using apps and social networks.

As a result of searches conducted in the houses of the detainees, the police discovered and seized more than six kg of marijuana, a hunting rifle, mobile phones, scales and money received as a result of the sale of drugs. The cost of confiscated drugs amounted to 1 million lei. The suspects were placed under arrest for a 30-day period. If their guilt is proved, the members of the organized criminal group face imprisonment for a term of 7 to 15 years.

Published: 18:20 30/08/2019

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