Igor Dodon demands to return the airport to public administration

The contract for the rent out of Chisinau International Airport must be terminated. This was announced by President Igor Dodon following a meeting of the Supreme Security Council.

It can be terminated due to the fact that the procedures were violated at the time of signing the contract. This should be examined by the investigating authorities. Not to mention the many violations committed during the competition. We identified them all,” he said.

The second reason for terminating the contract may be non-compliance with the investment program, that is, the obligations undertaken by the investor in concluding the transaction.

According to the contract, in the first and second stages, from 2014 to 2018, the company had to invest 160 million euros, and they invested only 78 million euros. Specialists should deal with this and conduct an audit. There are, again, reasonable suspicions that part of this money was taken from the stolen billion. Investigative bodies are already doing this,” Igor Dodon summed up.

Published: 17:25 23/08/2019

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