President: The previous government allowed a private company to earn 1 billion euros at the expense of citizens in exchange for small investments

By handing over the Chisinau International Airport for a 49-year concession to a private company, the former authorities of the country allowed a private company to earn about 1 billion euros on the Moldovan citizens in exchange for a quarter profit investment - 244 million euros. This was announced by President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon following an urgent meeting of the Supreme Security Council.

The agreement on the airport concession indicated that a private investor has the right to charge nine euros from each passenger. Last year, 2.8 million passengers used the services of Chisinau International Airport. Simple calculations show that, a private investor earned more than 24 million euros from all of us. Now multiply 24 million euros by 49 years and get almost 1 billion euros at the expense of citizens. A private investor pledged to invest in the airport only 244 million,” the Head of the republic was indignant.

The President noted that the current government should learn from every official who signed this contract, to find out what their interest in this was.

Igor Dodon noted that law enforcement agencies of the republic would deal with this case, especially since there was reason to believe that part of the so-called investments from a private company was made from a stolen billion.

Published: 17:20 23/08/2019

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