The Head of State attended opening of the Heroes Memorial

President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon visited the village of Rascaetsi, Stefan Voda district, where, together with the Ambassador of Belarus Sergey Chichuk, guests from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, representatives of the local public administration and civil society, he attended the grand opening of the restored Memorial to the Heroes perished on 18 April, 1944.

The place is called the “Lomakin’s Height” in honor of the soldier Vasily Lomakin, who, together with a group of fighters, stormed the strategic bridgehead in this village on the Dniester river. 11 soldiers died here and were posthumously awarded the titles of Heroes of the Soviet Union.

I congratulated the residents of the village and the entire region on the 75th anniversary of Moldova liberation from fascism and stressed the importance of the Memorial reconstruction, initiated by the President.

Recently archival documents were published that testify to the extremely brutal occupation regime that existed on our land in 1941-1944, due to which, in particular, the population of Chisinau decreased by 10 times, from 300 thousand to 30 thousand people.

In this regard, I call on our citizens to remember at what price the Victory was paid and thanks to whom we today live peacefully and freely. We must remember the feat of the heroes and pass on the memory to future generations, because the Great Victory was joint for the Soviet people, and Moldovans were part of it
,” Igor Dodon said.

Published: 14:27 23/08/2019

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