Igor Dodon laid flowers at the Comrat memorial on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the city liberation from the Nazis

Today, President of the Republic Igor Dodon went to Comrat, where, together with the Bashkan of the Gagauz Autonomy Irina Vlah and members of Parliament, he attended the ceremony of laying flowers at the Memorial Complex on the occasion of the 75th anniversary liberation of the city from fascist occupation.

The President congratulated the residents of Comrat and all autonomy on this significant date and emphasized that the events of August 1944 were perceived by the overwhelming majority of the population of Moldova as a holiday of liberation and victory, despite different political interpretations.

I am firmly convinced that those who do not honor our past have no future, and the unparalleled heroism of our ancestors during the Great Patriotic War should serve as an example of courage and perseverance for the young generation. I wished all residents of Comrat and Gagauz autonomy health, peaceful sky and prosperity,” the Head of State said.

Published: 11:19 23/08/2019

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