The situation with African swine fever causes serious concern

The epidemiological situation with ASF in Moldova, despite the measures taken, is becoming increasingly alarming.

Even more difficult the situation is in neighboring countries, where a disease epidemic has been recorded in recent weeks. 37 outbreaks in Ukraine and 950 outbreaks and 1,845 cases of pig disease in Romania are officially reported.

The situation with ASF was discussed today at a meeting organized by the National Food Safety Agency, reports. “The main source of ASF spread is contaminated products imported from abroad and feed for pigs. A serious problem is the corn fields through which wild boars cross the border. Corn can subsequently be used as feed,” said Ella Malay, acting director of the Agency.

In addition to the Agency, other government agencies were involved in the fight against ASF. Thus, the Border Police will strengthen measures to control and patrol the border to prevent ASF outbreaks.

Published: 20:23 22/08/2019

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