A man close to Vlad Plahotniuc committed suicide

Businessman Yuri Luncashu shot himself in the evening of August 17. It is known that the man was in the inner circle of the former chairman of the PDM, Vladimir Plahotniuc.

According to noi.md, the incident occurred on the R-6 highway. A man’s driver called the 112 service and said that the boss called him in the evening. The driver came to Luncashu’s house, where he got into the car, and headed for the highway route R-6 (Ialoveni-Durlesti). On the way, he wrote a note with the following content: “I bought the White House in 2017, I was an investor.” Then, telling the driver that he wanted to breathe fresh air, he got out of the car and shot himself in the head with an Astra pistol, caliber 6.35 mm, and died on the spot.

The source notes that Yuri Luncashu appears in the State Register of Weapons as the owner of six firearms. The reason for the suicide of a man is not yet known. According to the portal, Luncashu was a close friend of Vlad Plahotniuc. He was president of the Interdependența Business Club and owned shares of SC DENIR LUX SRL, PRIMPROF CONSTRUCT SRL, ACVILIN-GRUP and GB & CO SRL. The name of Luncashu was associated with a deal worth more than 154 million lei, as a result of which the Cypriot company acquired buildings on the perimeter of Timis and Buzhorilor streets in Chisinau (“White House”), owned by Plahotniuc. At the same time, Luncashu was one of invited to the party of the former Orhei mayor, Ilan Shor, convicted of participating in the bankruptcy of the Bank de Economii.

Published: 13:15 18/08/2019

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