Parliamentary commission on investigation of the theft of the century may hear Vlad Filat

The parliamentary investigation commission to clarify the circumstances of the “theft of the century” decided to hear two more people, after which it will be decided whether the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat will be heard on this issue, stated the head of the commission, Alexander Slusari.

According to him, the commission members decided to re-hear the former Minister of Finance Anatol Arapu and the former Chair of Victoriabank Natalya Politov-Kangash. The hearing will take place next Wednesday, August 21. After that, the commission will decide whether Vlad Filat will be heard.

Earlier the members of this commission demanded that criminal proceedings be initiated against Yuri Leanca, Andrian Candu, Dorin Dragutanu and Anatol Arapu for committing negligence in the performance of their official duties and for not establishing state administration in three problem banks after they received a loan of 9.5 billion lei under government guarantees.

Published: 11:17 14/08/2019

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