The President held a meeting with representatives of the Moldovan business community

The President held a meeting with representatives of the Moldovan business community
President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, held a meeting with representatives of the business community, where he exchanged views on the main issues the business circles of the country face.

The Head of State stressed that the Presidential Administration paid special attention to actions to improve the business environment in our country. In this sense, we are open to discuss and support proposals aimed at stimulating economic growth and improving the business climate in the country.

I believe that the state is obliged to create favorable conditions for economic agents, including those who invest and open jobs. In this way, we can motivate them not to leave their homeland,” Igor Dodon said.

The parties discussed tax policy, establishment of the position of business ombudsman, resumption of sectoral intergovernmental commissions, patent-based activities, unfair competition, relationship between trading networks and suppliers, legislative process and much more.

I thanked the speakers for their opinions and suggestions, which, I assured, will be considered and sent for further approval and implementation.

I informed representatives of the business community that I appealed to the Government to conduct consultations with business people on all proposals concerning amendments to fiscal policy before they are passed to Parliament.

At the same time, I urged the business community to establish cooperation with the Economic Council under the President in order to achieve more effective cooperation
,” the Head of State noted.

At the end of the meeting, the President assured those present that the dialogue between the Presidential Administration and the business environment would become permanent, and according to its results, a specialized policy aimed at stimulating economic growth in our country would be developed.

Published: 09:59 19/07/2019

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