The President officially invited the leaders of the PSRM, PDM and the Acum bloc to discussions

The President officially invited the leaders of the PSRM, PDM and the Acum bloc to discussions
The country's President, Igor Dodon, publicly invited leaders of the three main parliamentary forces - the Party of Socialists, the Democratic Party and the Acum bloc - to the State Residence tomorrow, March 26, to hold discussions about their future activities in the parliament.

The Head of State voiced his invitation at a press briefing and noted that the post-electoral situation in the country, in fact, turned out to be blocked due to the fact that the parties that had entered the parliament did not want to talk with each other.

The President stressed that according to the Constitution, if the parliament does not pass laws within three months, the Head of State has the right, after consulting with factions of the legislature, to dissolve the latter and declare early elections.

We cannot afford to wait three months. I think that we need to hold a serious discussion with the parties that can create a parliamentary majority, who have enough mandates of deputies to do so to make a very clear decision and inform citizens about it: or there is a parliamentary majority that meets as soon as possible or the parties should say honestly that they do not want to discuss with anyone, and there is no chance of creating a parliamentary majority, and we go to early parliamentary elections”, he said.

Igor Dodon, as President of the country, decided, as he put it, to “cut the Gordian knot” of the political blockade and invite leaders of parliamentary parties separately to a dialogue in order to learn about the position of each formation and conditions for holding negotiations between them and other parties.

I want to officially invite the following parties to the State Residence tomorrow, on Tuesday, March 26, in the order of their representation in parliament: leader of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova Zinaida Greceanii - at 14.00, leader of the Democratic Party of the Republic of Moldova Vlad Plahotniuc - at 15.00 and leaders of the Acum bloc Maya Sandu and Andrei Nastase - at 16.00. These are the parties that have enough mandates to hold discussions about creating a parliamentary majority. Party leaders can come with their colleagues, with several party members. It is important to start these discussions. I am ready for this dialogue,” Igor Dodon added.

He also noted that he had decided to invite party leaders not to the presidency, as originally planned, but to the State residence, to neutral territory. After discussions with each political formation and after conclusions drawn on this issue, the Head of State will inform the public about further actions.

Date: 12:14 25/03/2019

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