Igor Dodon on the release of the pilots from the captivity of the Taliban: it was a very serious special operation!

Igor Dodon on the release of the pilots from the captivity of the Taliban: it was a very serious special operation!
The Moldovan leadership together with the special services of Russia began to study the issue of the Moldovan pilots release from the Taliban captivity about a year ago. Recall that in 2015, a helicopter with a Moldovan crew was shot down by Taliban in Afghanistan. The pilots worked under the contract for the American government. The crew commander was shot on the spot, and two pilots were captured. According to the Head of State, about $35 million was asked for each of them.

Together with the Russian Federation, at the request of Igor Dodon, a top-secret special operation was developed. Its result is the release of pilots from captivity. (Now they are undergoing rehabilitation at a Moscow Medical Center, - ed.).

I will not disclose all the details now, how they were taken from there, how they were transported across borders, but I can only say that on Friday evening last week they were taken by special board and brought to Moscow. Before that, my people, together with the Russian colleagues, had a preliminary conversation with them, but they did not understand, did not believe, bought them clothes, and already in Moscow my adviser on special commissions Pavel Voicu dealt with this issue from my name,” said President Igor Dodon.

They told how were kept for three years in a pit, were given a loaf of bread and a small glass of water a day. Once during this entire period, someone threw a piece of meat in Ramadan. One of them spoke English, they were given a book from French to Arabic, and they said: we don’t have the opportunity to exchange you, so tomorrow we’ll cut head off to one of you with a camera... Of course, when they talked about this, they are shocked...”, said the President.

The most important thing is that we managed to save them!” The President noted.

I have information that at the level of the Government and the SIS of Moldova there were attempts in 2017, but the case was thrown a year and a half ago when it saw that nothing was working out. When I saw that no one in Moldova was seriously in charge of this issue, I decided to deal with it directly. Therefore, neither the government, nor the parliament were aware of this operation, which was initiated by the President of Moldova in an agreement with our Russian colleagues. A lot of people were involved on the Russian side! I would like to thank the co-chairman of Business Russia, Igor Chaika, who was directly involved. It was very, very difficult. I think that next week the guys will be home!”- concluded the President Dodon.

Date: 15:28 12/02/2019

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