President will attend Munich Security Conference

President will attend Munich Security Conference
The event will be held in Munich from February 15 to 17 and will bring together leaders of many European countries. It is worth noting that a record number of the countries’ leaders is expected at the Munich Security Conference. The list of 500 participants includes about 40 presidents of states and heads of government, as well as 100 ministers. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi, promised to come. Vice President Mike Pence will come from the United States as the most senior representative of his country.

“We have scheduled many meetings there: both official and unofficial. I'm not interested only in official contacts. I said to European partners: “I want to meet you not for selfies, not for photos. I want no cameras, no press, just sit and talk about the situation in Moldova, as we see it,” President Igor Dodon said in the framework of the special issue of the “Polyus” program on Accent TV.

This will be only a plus for us, because if Moldova appears on the agenda of major powers as a possible compromise between the West and Russia, I think we can very quickly solve many problems in Moldova”, the Head of State said.

In addition to the meetings, a round table on the situation in Moldova will be organized. Within its framework, Igor Dodon intends to introduce the concept of a balanced foreign policy.

Already there is interest of several dozen countries that will participate in this round table. It will be either on Friday or Saturday. I think this will be a very important signal that Moldova and Moldovan citizens want good relations with everyone. It is clear that the introduction of this agenda and this package depends on what we have on February 24. If we have a parliamentary majority, which is based precisely on these principles — that we will not be pro-Russian or pro-American, anti-Russian or anti-European, but pro-Moldovan — then this plan has serious chances to start implementing it in April-May. If we don’t have such a parliamentary majority, if further there is tough anti-Russian rhetoric - what we have seen - then there will be no movement, and the situation may become complicated,” Igor Dodon noted.

The President of Moldova informed also that he was going to stop in Moscow on his way back from Munich to return to Moldova together with two Moldovan pilots freed from captivity in Afghanistan.

Date: 10:15 12/02/2019

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