Valery Demidetsky: There is a huge risk of early elections in Moldova!

Valery Demidetsky: There is a huge risk of early elections in Moldova!
Much attention will be drawn to the upcoming parliamentary elections in Moldova, and there is a huge risk that we can have early elections. This opinion was expressed by the head of the TASS bureau in Moldova, Valery Demidetsky, speaking on the TV channel NTV-Moldova.

According to him, the statements of external partners have been made today in such a way that the charge of falsifying elections and not recognizing their results will not surprise anyone.

In his opinion, it is possible that external partners are using such statements as an attempt to put pressure on the current government. And the government must understand this and do everything to ensure that the elections are fair or, on the other hand, a variant with repeated elections is being prepared.

He noted that this option is most likely considered by the Americans, who of all the external players “play” best of all in Moldova.

Americans today play with two trump cards in both hands. They have control over the real power, and they have control over the right-wing opposition, which runs to the Americans and complains about the current power. And in fact, the right-wing opposition and the current government are fighting for the sympathy of Americans. Today, Americans have the opportunity to play in our country, both long and short.

Americans will decide whether they need a short variant, a variant of early elections and overthrow of this government. But today they do not have leaders on the right flank whom they could entrust the country. Or they decide to play long. They will try to say to the opposition: Well! Give power to the Democrats, let them form some kind of government of national accord with the help of single-mandate deputies, and we will wait, we will grow a powerful new opposition and come to power. Fortunately, local elections, presidential elections, parliamentary elections, and, possibly, early parliamentary elections are ahead,
” said the head of the TASS bureau in Moldova.

If the coalition starts to “collapse” in a year or two, then they already have a lot of mechanisms to implement this business. Today it depends on the Americans whether the short version will be, like in Ukraine, or it will be a long race. We will see,” a well-known journalist noted.

Date: 17:55 11/02/2019

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