Thousands of PSRM supporters gathered at a rally to declare: the CEC is not a circus!

Thousands of supporters of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova gathered today at the building of the Central Election Commission to protest against the dictatorship of the current government and the regime’s attempts to exclude the PSRM from the electoral race. According to the candidates for deputies of the legislature on the PSRM lists and single-mandate constituencies, such actions by the authorities through the CEC speak of an insurmountable fear of the coming victory of the socialists in the parliamentary elections.

The CEC is not a circus!”, “No to dictatorship!”, “Shame!” - people are chanting.

The Party of Socialists is supported by more than half of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova! We are determined to win this election! No one and nothing can stop us! Stop playing games with the country and people! Enough! Give people the opportunity to make a free choice!”- said Ion Cheban during the rally.

We came here to say that we are ready to defend the rights, the constitution, freedom and free elections! People will choose another country leadership! And they are waiting for resignation and the courts! A shame! We are going to say that the we are not afraid! We must protect the people, their choice, democracy and the constitution! And we will fight!” Vlad Batryncha exclaimed.

Date: 13:04 11/02/2019

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