Pavel Filip called the amnesty of the Moldovan guest workers direct interference in elections in Moldova

Pavel Filip called the amnesty of the Moldovan guest workers direct interference in elections in Moldova
The migration amnesty for labor migrants from Moldova in the Russian Federation is nothing more than a direct interference in the parliamentary elections. Such an incredible version of what is happening was voiced by the Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip. A detailed analysis of the attitude of the authorities towards Moldovan citizens was made by a political scientist, a deputy from the PSRM, Bogdan Tsyrdea:

Recently, Prime Minister Pavel Filip expressed his righteous anger at the amnesty by Russia of the Moldovan guest workers, after their return to their homeland. Like, this is a direct interference with the elections!

And when in November 2010, 27 EU ministers arrived in Moldova, who supported the ruling AEI, what was it?

And when the EU put pressure on PDM, forcing to create AEI-2?

And when in 2014, 2016, 2018 Romania gave free travel for our students to return to the Republic of Moldova and vote against the left?

And when Joseph Dole, in the presidential election of 2016, openly called on all the leaders of the right-wing parties to withdraw from the election race and support Maya Sandu - was this apparently also “non-interference”? The Democrats then removed Marian Lupu from the race.

And when in the capital elections of 2018, the same Joseph Dole, grossly breaking the law, urged Moldovan citizens to support A. Nastase?

P. Filip himself on July 6, 2018 told how he received dozens of SMS messages from the European officials, who, in a boorish manner, demanded to pressure the court and recognize Nastase's victory!

And when the Law No. 154 of July 20, 2017, which introduced the mixed system, was passed?

Then there was the resolution of the European Parliament, and declarations of the European Commissioners, and even the freezing of "financial assistance" of €100 million! And all because the mixed system is not profitable for PAS-DA, favorites of the European bureaucracy!

It was no longer an intervention, but blatant instructions, sanctions and threats, with the smell of the wild Middle Ages!

And the last. In the 2010 elections, mostly in the West, 75 polling stations were opened. But in Russia, where 500 thousand Moldovans live, only five were opened...

In 2014 and 2016, the story repeated. Do you think this is normal?

You have deprived our citizens of the right to vote, and today you are outraged by the fact that Russia gives them a chance to exercise this right?”

Date: 17:08 06/12/2018

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