Speech by Vlad Batryncha in PACE: If you do not stop legalization of same-sex marriage, the Europe will disappear!

The deputy of the PSRM came out with a harsh criticism about the resolution adopted by the PACE in support of legalization of the same-sex marriages and adoption of children by such couples.

In particular, as Vlad Batryncha noted, a number of resolutions were adopted by the Council of Europe in recent decades in order to promote the rights of sexual minorities, from transgender to intersex, however, as it turned out, for the authors of today's resolution it was not enough.

"We clearly notice the sequence of things: in June of this year, the Council of Europe is promoting a decision that made it easier to take a child out of a family. There was a provision stating that the interests of the child are higher than the organic interests of his family and parents," he said.

According to Batryncha, “the next step is taking place today: a resolution appears that requires all 47 Council of Europe countries to facilitate registration of the same-sex marriages and recognize their right to adopt a child.” In my country, in the Republic of Moldova, the Constitution clearly states that marriage is a union of a man and a woman. And, accordingly, it turns out that the authors of this resolution say that the Constitution should be changed, referring to the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. But the ECHR never said that the sovereign right of a country to change the Constitution can be violated in order to take into account the interests of any group of people. This is the sovereign right of the country to have its own Constitution. In September, the World Congress of Families took place in Moldova, and more than 130 countries took part in it. These are the values of our people and the Constitution.

“We believe that it’s time to stop this organized offensive against the institution of the traditional family. Many respected people fight for democracy, and these dear people were raised by their mother and father, born in love, and subsequently fight for democracy in Europe and in the whole world. We believe that the institution of the family also needs to be protected. We see the demographic situation in Europe. We see that there are only one child for two adults, according to statistics, we think that this must be stopped, otherwise Europe may simply disappear in 50 years! If Europeans are to be reduced, it is quite possible that Europe will be called differently, because there will be other rules, other principles and other concepts," Vlad Batryncha summed up.

Date: 09:12 12/10/2018

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