The socialists demanded the PDM initiative on introducing European integration into the Constitution to be removed from the parliament’s agenda

As the deputy of the PSRM, Vasily Bolea, noted the socialists believed that the introduction of an ideological amendment to the Constitution contradicted the fundamental principles of the country's highest law and would further aggravate the situation in the country under the prevailing conditions when the society was already divided.

"We believe that the Constitution is the supreme law of the country, which should reflect the interests of the whole people, and not of a particular party or of certain politicians. Such issues should be discussed with the people which was not done. In this regard, we ask to exclude this draft from the agenda," he said.

Despite the above arguments, the parliamentary majority did not support the initiative.

Earlier, the socialists harshly criticized the initiative of the Democratic Party to include European integration in the country's highest law and declared that they would not vote for this draft. President Igor Dodon, in turn, has already said that he would not sign it.

Date: 14:53 11/10/2018

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