Chisinau and Balti: the PSRM demanded to stop the mockery of the Russian language

Chisinau and Balti: the PSRM demanded to stop the mockery of the Russian language
Decision of the Coordinating Council on Television and Radio to oblige the media to use topographic names exclusively in the state language, regardless of how it is written in Russian, French or English, has caused a lot of outrage, both among journalists and the audience.

At today's meeting of the parliamentary commission on mass media, the Socialist deputies proposed to put on their agenda a draft that aims to stop these mockeries of the language.

In particular, the deputy of the PSRM Vlad Batryncha noted that the materials that are prepared by the TV channels not in the state but in another language must comply with the scientific norms and rules of this language.

However, this point of view was not shared by all members of the commission. For example, deputy of PDM Cornelius Mikhalakhe agreed with the decision of his colleagues and stated that "Chisinau should remain in all languages".

As a result of discussions, the socialists nevertheless succeeded in persuading their colleagues in the commission of the need to comply with the scientific norms that are characteristic of each language.

However, considering that the government gave a negative response to this bill, the parliament deputies will have to consult with the specialists on this issue in addition.

"Unfortunately, despite the fact that most members of the commission understood our idea, it was decided to take a week's pause in order to consult with deontologists, linguists and the government, because the government gave negative feedback on the project. It's clear that we are interested, how can one come with a negative response when only the use of linguistic and scientific norms is proposed. It is not only about Russian, but also about English, French, Bulgarian", - the deputy Vlad Batryncha explained.

Date: 11:55 20/09/2018

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