Experts - about an accident with the President: This has never happened in the history of the Moldovan politics

An accident involving the presidential motorcade causes more and more questions, which the investigating bodies have yet to understand. Was this an attempt on the life of the Head of State and members of the presidential family? Why were no measures prescribed in the law taken to protect the first person? And will the investigation carry out an objective examination of the strange accident that President Igor Dodon got into? These and other questions were answered by the guests of the program "Polyus" on the air of our channel.

"I was horrified yesterday. I never saw such a thing in the history of Moldovan politics. Someone may like Igor Dodon as a politician, as a person, as a President, someone may not, but there are certain limits, a moral framework that cannot be overstepped.

Of course, I will not say that there was attempt, there was an accident, let the investigation sort it out. But there are ambiguities that are evident," said political commentator, journalist Igor Volnitsky.

According to political analyst Anatol Taranu, there are hundreds of such accidents on the roads of Moldova. It is a different matter that the Head of State should not encounter such situations, if all the safety standards are observed.

In turn, the deputy from the Party of Socialists fraction Vlad Batryncha does not believe in a simple coincidence of circumstances that led to a collision of the truck with the presidential cortege. According to the socialist, briefings of the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General's Office are to be held as soon as possible, as well as an examination, including decoding of the phone conversations of the driver provoking the accident.

"There are measures to protect the first persons of the state. In the case of the President, we saw that the movement was never stopped. Transport moved at a certain speed on the opposite lane. The truck had the opportunity to maneuver and enter the oncoming lane. And at the same time we see that the President's car was not covered up.

If the driver did not react, then the blow could be absolutely fatal. And of course, in this situation, to consider everything as banal as a confluence of a million circumstances, we do not believe in it, and there are no such accidents," the deputy of the parliament Vlad Batryncha is sure.

Date: 13:03 11/09/2018

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