Civil Society organized a “mourning” rally for the Russian language at the Constitutional Court

Today, on July 13, 40 days have passed since the Constitutional Court made a "historic" decision that the Law on the Functioning of Languages had become obsolete. In connection with this, a mourning "commemoration" meeting took place at the building of this institution in Chisinau. One of its organizers, the chairman of the public organization ZARYA (FOR THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE) Mikhail Akhremtsev expressed regret that this still very "young" law was too old for some, and as a result, the country remained without a document regulating languages in which citizens of different nationalities communicate.

Those present came with mourning wreaths and “honored” the memory of the law with a minute of silence. In turn, Doctor of Law Sergei Mishin noted:

"We are told that nothing terrible has happened, but the first "bells"of this decision have already been heard: the CEC offered to print ballots only in one language. They buried our state Moldovan language, buried Russian as the language of interethnic communication, buried Ukrainian, Gagauz, Bulgarian, Yiddish, Roma and others. They say: we are lawyers, but they act not as lawyers, but as citizens of another state, whose loyalty they swore. But the people of Moldova will not allow destroying this state and our multinational unity."

Journalist Yelena Pakhomova said that while people all over the world spoke of multiculturalism, were proud of knowledge of several languages, cut of the rights of citizens is committed in Moldova, and discrimination became the norm of life.

"As long as the languages of all ethnic groups living in Moldova are not equal, there can be no question of equal rights for all citizens of the country," Ilya Kiselev, journalist and public figure, said.

Yuri Vitnyansky, a counselor from the Party of Socialists, noted that the rights of more than a million of Moldovan citizens were violated in the interests of a minority, who submitted a request to the Constitutional Court, of a party, which represents only a few percent of the country's residents.

"This decision of the Constitutional Court is pushing the Russian-speaking citizens of Moldova to the decision to leave this country forever," he stressed.

It should be noted that rallies in support of the Russian language and other languages functioning in Moldova have passed in many settlements of the country. Another rally in defense of the Russian language will be held in Soroca this Saturday, July 14, reports

Date: 13:42 13/07/2018

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