Socialists voted to build a skate park in Chisinau

Socialists voted to build a skate park in Chisinau
The Party of Socialists faction in the municipal council voted for the construction of a skate park in the Valley of Roses park.

The head of the faction of the PSRM, Ion Cheban, said at the meeting, "publish the project on the site of the city hall so that any interested person can see where the skate park will be built, and also to make sure that the construction will not cut down the trees."

He also asked that information about the financing and the timing of the work and putting into operation be published.

Head of Capital Construction Alexander Panfiliy noted at the meeting that the project cost was 6 million lei and the money was allocated from the municipal budget.

According to him, the skate park is an exclusive project for Chisinau. All factions and independent advisers voted for its construction.

After the vote, the head of the PSRM faction, Ion Cheban, suggested sending the rest of the land projects for revision and holding a new meeting.

"By July 1, we can have many important projects. Therefore, I propose that all available land projects be sent for revision and a new meeting appointed on the new agenda," Cheban said.

Published: 16:03 28/06/2018

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