Parliament did not support the initiative of the PSRM to install a limit for some officials’ salaries

Employees of the National Agency for Energy Regulation and the National Bank of Moldova receive extremely high salaries that do not correspond to their achievements. And all this at the expense of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. The Faction of the PSRM came up with an initiative to regulate the level of salaries for such officials, but the parliamentary majority rejected this initiative.

"These people should defend the interests of citizens; do everything possible to improve services and lower prices for citizens. But in a condition where ANRE and other agencies no longer represent the interests of citizens and serve the private interests of economic agents, they need to be reminded that they receive salaries at the expense of citizens. The socialists support the initiative to install a limit for the salaries of people who have forgotten what these salaries they are getting for," said socialist Vlad Batryncha.

Date: 14:56 14/06/2018

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