Ion Cheban urged Chisinau residents to make their choice in favor of the person who can solve the problems of the municipality

The candidate for Chisinau mayor from the Party of Socialists, Ion Ceban, summed up the results of his election campaign and called on Chisinau residents to come to the polls on May 20 and give their vote in favor of a candidate who can implement his election program, promises, and solve the problems of the municipality.

According to Cheban, the election campaign is an additional opportunity for him and the team to tell the townspeople about the problems in the capital and methods of their solution.

During the campaign, Ion Cheban held 30 press conferences, of which five summed up the results of the activities of the faction in the municipal council from 2015 to the present day. In addition, together with the team, he held 133 meetings with voters and participated in 18 debates.

He regrets that not all candidates agreed to participate in the debates.

"I have nothing to hide, I presented everything that had. I told about my platform in detail, and I hope that I was able to convince that having come to power, together with the team, we will do everything that was said," Cheban said.

According to him, during the debate some candidates tried to drag him into polemics instead of discussing the problems of the city, other candidates tried to raise their rating.

"Those candidates who have not done anything all this time and only deal with politics will find out their price on May 20," the candidate from the PSRM considers.

"Let's save the city together and give it on May 20 another chance for a change for the better. Let's choose the mayor who will be able to solve the problems of Chisinau," Cheban addressed the townspeople.

We remind that on May 20 in Chisinau and Balti early elections of the mayor will be held. In Chişinău PSRM is represented by Ion Cheban, in Balti – by Alexander Usatyi.

Date: 14:13 18/05/2018

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