Bogdan Tsyrdea: "The Democratic Party "scammed " the citizens of Moldova"

Bogdan Tsyrdea: "The Democratic Party "scammed " the citizens of Moldova"
To achieve early elections in two strategic cities of the country, and even to present it as a victory of citizens and the opposition is aerobatics. This is how the political scientist, MP from the PSRM Bogdan Tsyrdea, called the actions of the Democratic Party.

"Two mayors, both under criminal cases. Both were partners of the DPM. One can go to prison for 20 years for parking, tenders, distribution of 700 hectares of land. Another one is under Interpol and cannot go to Hawaii, nor rest on the Canaries. And now both are being resigned at the same time to organize early elections! Both praise each other for "courageous step". And both attack the candidates of the PSRM, stating that they are V. Plahotniuc’s candidates. Renato forgot that Alexander Usaty supported him in mayoral elections in 2015. Apparently, at the request of Plahotniuc.

And now let's think logically. Why Dorin Chirtoaca in November did not resign and did not provoke early elections? The answer is on the surface: Sylvia Radu did not have time yet. She needed 5-6 months to get up to 20-21%. Therefore, Chirtoaca, like the DPM, campaigned for a referendum boycott to give Sylvia Radu a legitimate opportunity to retain power.

Why, after all, Chirtoaca resigned now, and did not leave everything as is? Because the Congress of Local Authorities of Europe began to press on the DPM, demanding to organize fair elections in the capital. The same was demanded by the EU in exchange for 100 million euros of aid.

Why did Usaty resign, if the city in any case gets the mayor most likely whom Renato himself will point? Because here is an agreement with the DPM. Usaty, as an irritating factor, leaves quietly to roast shish kebabs on Rublyovka, which he long dreamed of. DPM removes him from Interpol. In his place they put Grigorishin, who, being in criminal cases, is already a candidate of DPM. Next, Usaty must play his role: violently attack I.Dodon and I.Cheban, calling them "Plahotniuc’s partners."

In the capital the same. The case of D. Chirtoacă closes, and the DPM takes control of the capital through Sylvia Radu, who will become the legitimate mayor. LP candidate V.Munteanu should scream that I. Cheban is a candidate of Plahotniuc. Beautiful, is not it? Will the combination take place? I'm not sure," Tsyrdea wrote in his blog.

Date: 15:29 17/04/2018

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