Ion Cheban intends to make the work of the capital's city hall open and transparent

Candidate from the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova for the post of Chisinau Mayor Ion Cheban told at his press conference, April 17, how he intended to ensure openness and transparency in the activities of the City Hall.

"The lack of transparency creates ideal conditions for corruption: most of the cases of corruption that allowed the decision-making officials of the Chisinau City Hall became possible because there was no openness in the activities of the mayoralty. That is why we propose to discuss the most important issues with civil society. To achieve this goal, expert councils in various fields will be created before the beginning of October 2018," Ion Cheban said.

"It is very important that every citizen can track any action, any phrase of local elected representatives or municipal employees. This will prevent abuses, protectionism and other manifestations, which, unfortunately, took place in the Chisinau City Hall," Ion Cheban stressed.

The candidate team also proposes creation of a single center for provision of municipal services, which will operate on the principle of a "single window". The person who applied to the mayor's office or to the prefecture will be able to monitor its implementation in accordance with the specified deadlines.

"As the future mayor, I promise that people will not wait months for a response to their petitions. An electronic call center will be created, based on the experience of working with citizens, which I have accumulated in the framework of the PETITIA.MD project and the platform for budget proposals DECIDE.MD, initiated by the Party of Socialists, "Ion Cheban said.

The candidate recalled his promise that all normative documents in the city hall, in addition to the state language, would be translated into Russian as the official language of interethnic communication. In addition, the administration of the mayoralty and office will be obliged to provide a response in Russian if the applicant requests it.

The most important information about the city, city projects, investment opportunities, tourism will be translated into English. The site of the mayoralty ( will be translated into three languages: state, Russian and English.

These measures the candidate views as a very important part of the process of ensuring openness and transparency in the activities of the mayoralty.

"Language should no longer impede the free access of citizens to information," Cheban noted.

Together with his team, the candidate intends to launch the Electronic House system. With the help of this system it will be possible to hold meetings and surveys, inform the residents of Chisinau about the events connected with their house. Through this system, every resident will be able to find information about the repair work.

Date: 13:22 17/04/2018

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