Festival of Indian culture takes place in Moldova

Festival of Indian culture takes place in Moldova
Indian jewelry, clothing and music. Everyone can get acquainted with the traditions and customs of India by visiting the event.

Jewelry and folk costumes of different regions of India is exotica, for many it is of considerable interest. Many Moldavian admirers of the Indian culture and traditions have an opportunity to get acquainted with it at the festival in the capital.

"We can visit India without leaving Moldova. A large Indian festival is a place where Indian culture is widely represented. There are so many different, while a bit unusual for us, ornaments, a lot of scarves of extraordinary beauty with a special purpose in Indian traditional costume. It is quite an interesting event for our country”. “Personally, I'm interested in everything that can be learned here. I like Indian music, Indian cinema, Hindu style of behavior, and the way they dress.” “Their culture is very interesting. Since my childhood I have been fond of India, and now I have an opportunity to join some of the peculiarities of this country." Visitors of the event shared such thoughts.

A large Indian festival was organized in the Moldovan capital for the first time. Its organizers would like it to become a tradition.

"We managed to organize a fairly modest festival. As for the first time. But we have many plans for the future. We want to hold similar festivals in the northern capital - Balti, as well as in Bender and Tiraspol. People in the framework of the festival are offered Indian cosmetics, bijouterie, as well as clothing. In other words, national goods manufactured in India", - said the organizer of the festival Tamsil Afaka.

A large Indian festival is open for guests until the end of April, the public television of Moldova reports.

Date: 10:42 17/04/2018

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