Bogdan Tsyrdea: "The candidate of the PSRM, Ion Cheban, has a number of advantages over his competitors"

Bogdan Tsyrdea: "The candidate of the PSRM, Ion Cheban, has a number of advantages over his competitors"
Political scientist, MP from the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova Bogdan Tsyrdea presented on his social network page a number of advantages of Ion Cheban comparing to his rivals listing as follows.

“1. Who of the candidates has an education in the sphere of city government? Cheban was educated in the most prestigious universities in the world: École nationale d'administration (France) and the Russian Academy of National Economy under the President of the Russian Federation.

Or again, we appoint a dancer the mayor, and a stripper the Minister of Defense?

2. Who from the competitors knows the situation in the capital, like Ion Cheban? Is it Nastase? Or Codreanu? Or Sylvia Radu, who still go in the offices of subordinates with a compass and walks with GPS in the phone?

3. Which of the competitors has specific and real projects for the development of the city? Moreover, that they provoked interest among the mayors of Baku, Minsk and Budapest! Sylvia Radu still steals the initiatives of the PSRM (trolley bus to Singera, etc.). Nastase do not care about projects, city development plans! He is interested in the mayor's office to jump into the parliament.

4. Who has such managerial experience as Cheban? He was vice-minister of education, youth and sports, he was responsible for international projects, and he knows how to convince donors and investors to participate in various projects, to bring money to Moldova.

Tell me what was managed by Nastase, Codreanu, Rosco? Sylvia Radu did not manage even a rural mayoralty. She is a typical capitalist at a private enterprise. She has a huge experience in how to get money out of citizens through electricity tariffs. Apparently, she will do this in the mayor's office!

5. Who has done for Chisinau as much as Cheban?

What did Nastase, Radu, and Codreanu do to build and repair playgrounds, stadiums, schools? Did they struggle for the growth of compensations, benefits and salaries for the vulnerable population, as Cheban did?

At least one scheme was revealed in the mayor's office? But it was Cheban who discovered the schemes with parking lots, land plots on which Chirtoaca, Grozavu, Gamretski were caught!

Show me at least one meeting against the developers, where Radu, Nastase, Munteanu participated?

Although, it is understandable. How could the liberal Munteanu fight the liberal Dyrda?”

Date: 12:57 13/04/2018

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